I write this message in the midst of a crisis involving my current state of physical turmoil and mental dissatisfaction. things in my life are not “bad”, but without a doubt, aren’t as good as I wish them to be. I have a good job, which pays well and offers many advancement opportunities. finances are not a major concern at this point in life. with that being said, the things that ive dreamed of and wish to have, have evaded me my whole life. my dream is to make music for a living, tour the world, and be known and admired globally. the music I make is for people like me, who have been unable to achieve to truly reach their goals and often get drowned in their own fears and self doubts. my mind gets in the way of me truly achieving greatness. and truth be told, i am the only one who I can blame for it. I look around at people I know who make music and have established followings and wonder how I reach that point. I get jealous. I get scared. I get discouraged… and I hate it. I know im good enough, but I dont really believe in myself and my talents. im fighting my fears everyday. BUT there must come a change…

    im not saying that today will be that day. but I will work my hardest. I will dedicate myself to my craft. people around me will have to understand, that sacrifices will have to be made. things will change, because my dreams will have to come 1st. being a hip hop artist is what I want more than anything. I cant go another day or the rest of my life attempting to follow my dreams.


  2. "the manuscript for greatness in my DNA, in my skin, in my melanin, let my rise begin…"
    #DOTM #LongLiveTheDream #FREEDOM #TheGreatest #TheGOD
    📷 - @jbrox59

  3. #TheBlackGods - @jbrox59

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  7. next show date: monday july 28th
    vibe lounge
    60 n. park ave
    rockville centre, ny
    come thru and show love!

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  9. #BankOfAmericaTower - one of the nicest scrapers in the city - #NYC #deathofthemachine 📷 (at Bank of America Tower)

  10. tonights the night - 497 Dekalb Avenue Brooklyn,NY - $10 - come out and support some dope acts and some real hip hop! competing for a beat from @amadeuspbm amonst some other prizes! its gonna be dope!

    hosted by: @bobbystonemusic

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    (at Brooklyn Nights Bar 497 Dekalb Ave)